DMCA Copyright Disclosure

 Welcome Guest 🎊 is a website solely made for the purpose of making learning free for all (sharing the joy of learning) and education (under Right to Education Act). 

💢 We are aware of DMCA and respect any copyright laws pertaining to the shared Courses in the channel. Some links are shortened due to copyright action.

💢 If you want to report any copyright violation, please write to us in next question and we will ensure to remove that post within 48 hours. 

💢 We are taking all download link from third party websites and other sources on internet. We are not uploading courses on clouds, We are not the owner of any content

💢 When Reporting Please ⁉️

- Send us the course/post link from website

- Description of the infringement 

- Also, a declaration stating/confirming that you are the legal copyright holder or his/her duly authorized representative.

If you want to report us then contact at Telegram @Investor0811  😢 DMCA

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